One of the questions I get asked all the time from Chicago business owners is how do you rank on the first page of Google? Its a fair questions because ranking in the top positions of Google typically puts you in front of your idea customers or clients. In this post I want to talk about the 3 most important ranking factors that I learned from the Chicago SEO Scholar. They are a local SEO agency here in Chicago.

Can Your Site Be Indexed?

The first step you should take is making sure your site can be crawled by the Google bots. If they can’t Google won’t even be able to list you in their search engine. You can find out if you have indexing issue by setting up Google Search Console. It’s a few tool that let’s you see if Google can crawl your website.


The next step is creating content. Simple enough right? The place where people get this wrong is by stuffing to many keywords on the same page. Doing this will prevent you from ranking well, so you will want to break up your keywords into separate pages. So if your a pressure washer in Chicago, and offer house and concrete washing services, be sure to make them into two pages.

Relevant Links

Probably one of the biggest ranking factors is going to be link pointing back to your website. This lets Google know how popular your website is. Essentially each link is counted as a vote. The more votes, the better chance you have at ranking higher. You can get links by creating helpful content that people want to link.

Following these 3 simple steps should help you rank for those keywords you want to rank for.